WiFi & Smart Thermostat Services

It’s the perfect time to consider a WiFi thermostat. The current market offers a wide range of innovative smart controls to save you both time and money. Streamlined, attractive, and user friendly, WiFi thermostats cater to your lifestyle, automatically adjusting heating and cooling to reduce energy use, minimize your carbon footprint, and lessen the workload on HVAC equipment. With more precision settings and remote access, you enjoy superior comfort.

Professional WiFi & Smart Thermostat Installations

The hard part is deciding between the many styles and features of WiFi thermostats. Jackson & Foster Heating & Air Conditioning helps you determine the right choice for your lifestyle, HVAC system, budget, and expectations. We handle proper installation, setup, and make sure you’re familiar with operation. With 100% customer satisfaction as our priority, we optimize the rewards from your investment.

Enjoy the benefits of a home thermostat that keeps you comfortable!

Jackson & Foster Heating & Air Conditioning has been around since 1931. We’ve taken part in the evolution of thermostats from manual to programmable to modern, smart technology. The introduction of learning capability, geofencing, voice command, maintenance alerts, energy saving tips, occupancy sensors, humidity management, zoned conditioning, and much more, has greatly increased day-to-day convenience for our customers. You no longer need to walk to the thermostat. Access through an app on your smartphone means you’re always in touch and in control! Simply give Jackson & Foster Heating & Air Conditioning a call for expert and affordable services throughout San Diego, CA.